I’m saddened by this week’s series of tragic events in Boston and West Texas. I’m sure we all are. I think this week we discovered just how irrelevant television and print news is in lieu of social media outlets. Right now, my Google News feed is full of stories about the manhunt occurring in Boston. If you’re interested in finding out information in times of disaster, check out Google.org. This is a website dedicated to using the internet to help respond to crisis.

Now, to the other news:

  • If you’re into philanthropy, and who isn’t, check out Google’s One Today app. This app to help build charitable donations.
  • If you’re reading this on April 19th, and you want a new tablet, head over to Woot! for a this deal on an ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity. The price: $369.99. Next to the Nexus 10, I think the TF700 is the best Android tablet.
  • A Tweet yesterday from Verizon confirms that the Galaxy S IV will be available in May. Some believe the phone will be available on May 22, or shortly thereafter.
  • Speaking of Verizon, there’s a petition with 90,000+ signatures asking the company to remove contracts. This petition comes after CEO Lowell McAdam suggested the company would end contract if the public requested them to.
  • In an interesting event, the ACLU filed a FTC complaint against wireless carriers saying that they don’t do enough to protect Android users from malware. I like the idea, and support this action, although I don’t think carriers are really the root cause. I support personal responsibility, so I also lump a lot together.
  • Google held its 1st quarter earnings conference call. Larry Page sounds excited about the interesting, and upcoming things from Google and Motorola.
  • Google introduced restrictions on Google Glass, including prohibiting loaning, selling, or transferring. I’m okay with the restrictions, especially for those “Explorers.”
  • Google also updated its guidelines for Android development. Now, Google Play will allow screenshots from 7″ and 10″ tablets. Google Developers encourages its developers to follow the tablet app guidelines. This is a great move for Android and app development.
  • There’s also an extension for Google Chrome that turns a new tab into a Google Now screen. Pretty cool. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to customize with the extension.
  • Groklaw reported on Apple’s recent filings in the Apple v. Samsung case. The analysis is very fascinating, and very un-Apple.
  • Here’s a good round-up of rumors on Android. I’m looking forward to the announcement of Babel and Android 5.0. I also want to see the Motorola X phone, but that looks delayed.
  • Twitter announced its new music service, but that service isn’t coming to Android; at least not yet.
  • I’m going to promote this post challenging comments and recommendations from Adriana Linares. Adriana recommends iPhone, but I don’t figure out why. Android’s security is so much better.
  • And, if you’re among the millions of Google Gmail/Apps users, you probably noticed the outage this week. I didn’t, but of course I don’t constantly check my email.
  • Lifehacker has this post about several apps to improve your notification bar. I’m an “original” flavor fan myself, but I’m tempted to try some of those listed.
  • What do robotics geeks do with their time? They develop a robot you can control with an Android app:

Yup, there’s an Android app for that.

I hope you have a great week! Remember to keep the victims in Boston and Texas in your thoughts and prayers.

Jeff Taylor

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