Several ABA TECHSHOW attendees asked me what my favorite Android browser is. Unfortunately, because of the format of my presentations, I never really got time to introduce or discuss my favorite: Chrome.

Chrome for Android


I regularly switch between the stable release and Beta, but I stick with Chrome. Most of the “good” features are phone-only, leaving tablets to browse the web in a more desktop-like manner. Here’s 5 reasons why I love Chrome:

Cross-Device Syncing

If you link your desktop or Android Chrome browsers to your Google account, Chrome will sync favorites and passwords to your devices. This is very handy if you save your passwords to sites like PACER, and can never remember your login.

Quickly Switch from Mobile to Full

One of my peeves with website design is the mobile site craze. Regardless of whether I use a phone or tablet, I love to view websites as they are intended, rather than in a truncated mobile fashion. That’s why I love Chrome’s option to “Request desktop site.” Although I wish there was an option for always viewing as a desktop, I’m okay with a quick refresh after clicking.

Card Stacking

I love this Chrome feature, especially if you’re like me and have a tendency to load a number of tabs. On phones or smaller screens, the tabs open neatly to allow you to stack them on top of one another.

Chrome Browser Tabs

Also, if you’re viewing multiple tabs, you can switch between them simply by swiping from left to right or right to left in the direction of the card.

Chrome Browser Tabs

Swipe to Clear

I love using Chrome on my phone because of the swipe action that allows me to remove a tab simply by swiping.

Swipe to Clear in Chrome

Full Screen View

Full screen view is very dependent on the website, so it’s difficult to search to find on that works. Needless to say, being able to browse in full view is pretty awesome.

Chrome Full Screen View


Chrome Full Page View

Now, you can mess with the other browsers, but because I can do everything from cross-platform syncing to full screen browsing, I’m quite content with Chrome.

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