It’s not too often you have people skiddish about using the services they’ve come to love, but Google managed to scare everyone by announcing the eventual closure of Google Reader. Even when Google announced Google Keep, they couldn’t keep fans from expressing doubt and dismay. “It’s not Evernote,” and “who knows how long we’ll have this service,” were common mantras. And there we remain. No longer able to find comfort in full commitment to Google; afraid they’ll sever a beloved service. Google’s losing some trust. The Economist has a nice piece that further reflects my views.

And in other news…

  • Nobody (really, nobody? I feel so unloved…) answered last week’s question, to win the free mouse pad. Was the question too hard? Are you even interested in participating? Does my comment system suck? I’m going with bad timing. Let me know. I’ll extend the contest through next Wednesday, March 27. Same rules apply.
  • Google’s Eric Schmidt says Chrome and Android are separate OSes, and will remain that way . . . for now. And Google Reader isn’t going away (I made that last part up). I’m bookmarking this post, so I can say, “I told you so.” They’ll merge in some way, and I’m not talking just Chrome OS running Android apps (there’s no point when you can develop HTML5 apps for browsers). We’ll see a hybrid merger of the two operating systems.
  • Speaking of the shake-up at Google, where Android and Chrome become one, apparently a Samsung exec says that Andy Rubin’s stubbornness was one reason for his departure as VP of Android.
  • Google’s spring cleaning may not be finished yet, as rumors of a redesigned Google Play store surfaced this week. This is actually one clean up job I support.
  • Google Glass looks to have home automation in mind, which I don’t think would be a bad thing. Patent trolls (the good kind – researchers – not the bad ones) dug up this patent application for a garage door controlled by Google Glass.

  • If home automation isn’t your thing, then perhaps you’d like to go around like Dick Tracy with a Google Watch.
  • Samsung apparently copied more of Apple’s designs than originally thought, because news surfaced that Galaxy Note II and possible Galaxy S III devices have a lock screen issue. The issue is similar to one seen in Apple’s iOS.
  • Canadians rejoice! You may now redeem Google Play gift cards from the Play store.
  • And from the world of Cool Science: researchers will send Nexus 7 tablets into space to test whether sound travels in a vacuum. Thank you! Someone can finally prove George Lucas wasn’t crazy adding sound to the space-based fight scenes in Star Wars.
  • Karma has a way of humbling folks, and Apple might be the latest victim of its own aggression, thanks to a little company called Intertrust. Intertrust has the backing of Sony and Philips, which should make for another interesting in California. Incidentally, Intertrust sued Microsoft, and won.
  • And finally, from YouTube, I bring you:

The SlowMo Guys

And for those of you still suffering through brutally cold temperatures, let’s say good-bye to winter together:

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