This month you’ll notice a change on the site, particularly when you’re looking at the advertising. I’m pleased to announce that Clio has agreed to sponsor The Droid Lawyer for the month of March, and I’m happy to recommend the product.

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When I was a lawyer Padawan, I got hooked on Clio as a viable and reliable practice management program.

I don’t believe that any attorney, small or solo, can function without a proper practice management/billing system, and Clio is one of the best. I’m sure if you’re one of the naysayers, you’re rolling your eyes. But, if you’re striving for the perfect mobile and paper-free office, you need to find some program that provides mobility and organization. Clio offers a hassle-free, cloud-based practice management system. A great solution for the mobility and organization dilemma. Check out this introduction video:

Now, some attorneys may believe that “Outlook can do that,” and I certainly started in the crowd. Sure, you can manage and group contacts, handle email, and, especially with Google, store particular relevant information. The problem is, some of that stuff gets so garbled that the information becomes useless. Not to mention, how do you make sense of the materials as they’re mashed together? Clio offers that organization, and more. I’m a heavy advocate of practice management software, or software-as-a-service systems.

Until you really work with a practice management system, you’ll never appreciate the value. Practice management provides the near-instant ability to gather and disseminate information. More especially, a good practice management system will enable you to get a firm grasp on your billing, client matters, and even your calendaring.

One of Clio’s not-so-known-features is their Google app, appropriately titled, Clio. You’ll find the app in the Google Apps Marketplace. The app gives you the ability to sync your Google Apps email, calendar, and contacts with the Clio program. I like this feature because the direct link gets me one step closer to ditching Microsoft. Clio also syncs with Dropbox and Box, and hopefully, Bitcasa soon. This gives you easy access to your documents and a quick link to share and manage them.

Here’s a look at some of the best features:

Clio Best Features

You can grab a more in-depth look at Clio’s features, here.

If you haven’t tried document assembly or automation, you’re going to love being able to grab a document template and slap in information with a couple of key strokes. And don’t even get me started on creating invoices that clients will might want to pay, let alone the ability to keep an accurate accounting of time so you can actually confirm with your spouse you lost money this month practicing law, again.

Clio allows you to access the cloud database from your Android phone or tablet, giving you an office whenever you have an internet connection (one more reason you’ll need 4G LTE).

Clio Login

Clio Matter Creator Screen

Hopefully, you’re at least tempted to try out Clio. Don’t worry though, because here’s a no-risk 30 day free trial, so you’re going to get a fully-functional look at the Clio system. You can click here for the signup page, or go there yourself and enter “The Droid Lawyer” in the space for “Referral Code”. If you can’t figure that out, you can call Clio’s customer support and sales at 888-858-CLIO to get set up.

Clio is a great value at $49 per attorney and $25 for staff. If you want bank-rate protection, without the IT hassles and worries, Clio is a good solution.

And finally, in case my opening paragraph and the site disclaimer aren’t blatant enough, I do receive a benefit from Clio’s sponsorship, but this does not effect my recommendation or opinions of the Clio service. However, I will encourage you to click the banner and signup for Clio, so hopefully I can increase the amount of benefits I’m getting from Clio’s sponsorship solidify a long-lasting relationship with Clio.

I am confident that you’ll love the Clio system, and wonder how you ever functioned without practice management. Now, if you only had Android 4.2 . . .

Update: I sorely forgot to mention all of the added benefits of some of Clio’s partners, including the very beneficial LegalTypist, who helps me with some stuff as needed. Andrea Cannavina is a fellow presenter at ABA Techshow, and just hooked me up with a FREE assistant account, and since I have a LegalTypist account – I’m now linking it to Clio and will report back.

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