In the age of the super-swift smartphone, and post-Galaxy S4, Apple is clawing at anything to try and get a bigger slice of the phone market. Apple recently launched a “Why iPhone” page, hoping to sway consumers.

Now, this kind of marketing is all fine, except consumers know about the iPhone, and those that love it, love it.

Apple’s problem isn’t convincing its true followers. Rather, Apple needs to convince the growing number of 20, 30, 40, and 50-somethings that are seeking smartphones that can do more.

Sure, an iPhone looks nice, but with its supersized screen, the Galaxy Note II is perfect for a consumer looking for a bigger screen (that’s my mother-in-law, FYI). Likewise, with its set of feature-rich options, the Galaxy S4 will likely blow away Apple’s best on the market device.

Someone please tell Apple that consumers aren’t switching in droves to Android because of their cheap prices. Consumers are switching because of the available options, running on a stable operating system, with a ton of apps.

Admittedly, I’m sure Apple’s “next big thing” will more closely match Samsung’s (look who’ll be copying whom), so we should expect a richer iPhone. However, don’t expect a larger screen, because that’s not Apple’s thing.

Jeff Taylor

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