Tucked down in the lower right hand portion of the ABA Journal’s website, next to a scholarly picture of Bryan Garner, is this poll:

ABA Journal Poll


Out of curiosity, I took the poll. The results – all 330 of them – shocked me.

ABA Journal Poll Results


There it is, in some solemn shade of blue, the evidence that more than half of attorneys aren’t using apps in their practice. A whopping 151 respondents use zero apps.

Admittedly, this poll is anywhere from scientific (I submitted two entries to get the pictures), but if we conducted a scientific poll, I’m sure we’d see similar results. However, I’m having a hard time believing that 151 don’t use any apps, which also I presume to mean they don’t have a smartphone or other mobile device. The answer is clear though.

These results will probably fluctuate after my responses, but if I recall correctly, ABA Journal releases the polls on Tuesday…it’s now Thursday.

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