Here’s a quick blurb on a new technology product I think will revolutionize home or office security. The product is called Scout.



It’s an internet-based security system that will alert you when your security is compromised.

Right now, we don’t know a lot about the workings of the system, since the project is still in the “crowd-funding” phase, but here’s what I can tell from the press information and speaking with the company’s media contacts:

  • The system operates on your home or office’s wifi, which allows you to manage, monitor, and control the system;
  • Professional monitoring is available for an added amount (starting at $10/month);
  • No need for professional installation because the equipment attaches directly to the wall surface;
  • An Android app will be available to control all aspects of the system;
  • The base station is embedded with a 3G cellular chip to aid in remote monitoring and in case power goes out

The system seems like a good option for people looking to save money, and provide some security to their home or office. I’m not sure how this stacks up against the other “professional” systems, but aside from the monthly monitoring, most home/office security systems are a bunch of pads and sensors, just like Scout.

I’ll have a test system on the way, closer to the opening of the project, and let you know then what I think.

Jeff Taylor

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