Chromebook Pixel. That’s the biggest news of the week. Drool now:

Google announced the Chromebook Pixel yesterday. The Pixel offer 239 ppi, rendering it the highest pixel density of any laptop currently on the market. The WiFi version will ship next week, but only to the very best of individuals wishing to drop $1,299, with a LTE version shipping in April ($1,449). You can purchase the Chromebook at BestBuy. This is a significant increase from the currently-available Chromebooks that sell for about $250. Other than a beefed-up body, knock out screen, hardcore processor and solid state flash memory, I’m not exactly sure what’s going to make this such a great product. Oh, wait, if you’ve tried a Chromebook you know. I was considering a Chromebook as my next laptop, now it’s a Pixel.

One of my favorite YouTube tech guys, Marques Brownlee, created a great video explaining Chromebook Pixel. Now you can drool even more:

On to the other news:

  • Baseball fans will rejoice with an updated At Bat app. For the decent and reasonable price of $19.99, you can get access to At Bat 13 for the entire season.
  • Chrome Beta browser received another update to fix some compatibility issues and add features. One of the new features is tilt scrolling. This feature now works in tab switching mode. Here’s a video to showcase the features:

I also noticed that there’s some smoother transitions between tabs when viewed on the tablet.

  • I haven’t tried the CloudOn app, which purports to bring the MS Office experience to your Android device, but you can count on an upcoming review. For now, check out this post from TechCrunch.
  • If you missed the post yesterday from Attorney at Work, you missed some great advice on protecting against cyber-attacks.
  • I think this video showcases a pretty cool way to use your Nexus 7 tablet while on the go. Try and tell me you don’t want this in your vehicle:

You can check out the products here. The touch screen overlays aren’t cheap (starting at about $467), but it’s very cool. The touch frame also requires a projector (preferably HDMI) to operate, so factor that into the cost.

  • I’m burying this story about the latest in the Apple v. Samsung debacle on page 9, because frankly, I’m tired on the patent litigation. Groklaw has a great summary, with the key money quote: “I do wish Apple would spend this much time and money and heart into creating new products instead of throwing it to the winds like this. This litigation never seems to resolve anything that matters, and only the lawyers are having any fun.”

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, don’t forget about the Hangout on Google+ today. We’re talking device security, setting up your phone, managing files, and some other, yet-to-be-determined topics, as well as answering your questions. If you can’t catch the Hangout live, you’ll be able to view a replay on YouTube or this site. Check the Google+ page, this site for a direct video, or YouTube for the live broadcast. Since this is a first attempt, it’s going to be a little choppy, but I’m excited.

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