Here’s my formal invitation to join me for dinner on April 5, 2013 at Rosebud Prime in Chicago (walking directions here).

Taste of Techshow

As you can see, I’ll join David Bilinsky to discuss “The Future of Law Tech and Technology in ADR/ODR.” I hope David’s an Android guy, because I don’t know a lot about ADR/ODR tech.

You’ll have until March 15, 2013 to sign up in advance for a dinner, but don’t wait until then to get on the list. Here’s a link to the RSVP form.

Please, don’t make David and I be the only ones awkwardly dining together. Plus, if you’re lucky, Mrs. The Droid Lawyer might even join me. She’ll bore easily with the “future of law” conversation, but she’s absolutely fascinating to speak with on other non-law, non-tech subjects.


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