Finally, there is a decent and viable option for creating, editing, and managing Microsoft Office documents on your Android device. I’ve been playing around with Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile ($4.99) and Office 2012: Presentations ($4.99), which are two new apps offering the ability to manipulate Microsoft Office Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.


There are a number of Office-wanna-be apps in Google Play, including my favorite, OfficeSuite Pro 6 +. Each “Office” app in Google Play has decent features, but none of them truly match with the desktop version of the same system. However, although they’re not perfect, TextMaker and Presentations come as close to gold as you can get. I’m especially fond of the features in Presentations, considering they closely resemble the Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation experience.

These apps aren’t going to easily replace your Microsoft Office dependence, but they will help. Here’s a video I quickly created showcasing the features of both apps.

I’m excited about both of these apps, and especially the quality of the Presentations software. I’ll gladly give both apps 3.5 of 5 stars.

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