Readers are always asking what is the best time keeping application for lawyers on Android.  My favorite, or default answer has been to suggest either TimeClock – Time Tracker or Time Recording – Timesheet App. These aren’t attorney-specific time tracking apps, but they have pretty decent export features that enable you to print reports and secondarily input the information into your time billing software.

Now, Bellefield released an Android version of its iTimeKeep app, which is specifically designed for lawyers. This app looks like it might be a serious contender, and very useful for attorneys. The app is free to test, but lacks some of the more robust features, which I assume are available in the paid version (I wasn’t able to test the paid subscription).


One feature I also wasn’t able to test, but sounds very good, is the ability to synchronize with your firm’s current time keeping and billing program. I’m looking forward to seeing how well the iKeepTime will synchronize with my Tabs3 program.

One of the things I loved about this app was how easy to use it is. The program also looks good whether you’re viewing on a tablet or your phone, though I suspect most people will prefer using the phone to enter time.

The login process is normal, though if you want to test out the app you can just select “Log in as guest” in the lower right.

iTimeKeep Login

The iTimeKeep app does a good job of presenting relevant time information in a somewhat ordered list.

iTimeKeep Cases

You can see that the developer is interested in selling subscriptions to their “Bellefield Connect” technology since there’s unfortunately no way to export the data from your mobile device. Obviously, direct integration saves your staff from retyping all of your entries.

Entering time is very easy, enabling you to enter hour and tenth-of an-hour increments.

I doubt many attorneys will find difficulty figuring out the provisions.

I found one error in the program. Apparently, you can change the settings in the tablet version (not sure it’s a tablet-specific app), but you can’t adjust them in the phone.


iTimeKeep Adjust Settings Tablet


iTimeKeep Missing Settings Phone

I’m sure the company will fix the issue quickly.

Overall, iTimeKeep looks to be a fantastic app to aid attorneys in gathering time and memorializing their work. I give this app 3.5 of 5 stars.

Update (02/11/13): I had the opportunity to talk with John Kuntz about this app. John filled me in on some of the details, including the multi-platform integration that goes along with iTimeKeep. John also let me know the pricing on the program, which was shocking for its cost, but not unreasonable. I would suspect, based on my playing with the program, that you’ll likely recover these costs quickly.

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