Nowadays, my free time online is spent pretty much hovering between developing this site, Google Reader, Google+, and a couple of news sites. I’ve mostly abandoned Twitter (too much political garbage) and Facebook (too much friend drama), and totally committed to Google+ and the multiple communities I’m a part of over there.

I think a lot of people are seeing “the light” of Google+, especially in light of Facebook’s recent privacy changes. If you haven’t visited Google+, or you think it’s still a ghost town, look again.

Today, Gwynne Monahan jumps ship from her role as writer/editor of Clio’s, Small Firm Innovation blog, to a contributor at Attorney at Work discussing Google+. Gwynne’s post highlights several of my pet peeves for newbies, which if you don’t follow, will certainly get you banned by me.

Attorney at Work Daily Dispatch

My first peeve is the incomplete profile, or worse, as many attorneys do, the “sales pitch.” You are not a third person (and neither is your social media profile), nor are you nothing. Have something in your profile that tells me who you are, why you’re cool, and that makes me want to follow you.

Second, Gwynne suggests you post, share, and interact. I whole-heartily agree, and would extend further to caution that you just don’t share stuff that makes your company look good. Share stuff that makes others look good, too. One problem for lawyers who let others manage their social media is that the SM manager only shares “you stuff,” which bores people and causes them to lose interest. You need to engage with a game of give and take.

Tim Priebe, of T&S Web Design (one of the advertisers on this site) once suggested to me that social media requires sharing a little about you, a little about your company, and a little about topics of interest in your field. This combination of promotional, informational, and educational posts balances the social media melee. Incidentally, if you need help getting started or maintaining your social media presence, I’m sure Tim would gladly assist you.

If you’re not already following some great people, I suggest you get moving, get engaged, and get following Gwynne, Futurelawyer, the Android Lawyers community,  or even myself. From there, there world of Google+ will open up, just continue following those circles.

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