Android NewspaperHappy New Year! Yes, it’s late, but it’s the thought that counts . . . I thought about a New Year’s post, then quickly dismissed it. The post would have been lame anyway. Kind of like this one. Enjoy.

  • Here’s an interesting story in the NY Times about the struggles of antivirus developers to keep up with the number of viruses in the world. This isn’t an Android-specific problem, but I assume that as the popularity of Android OS grows, we’ll see more of this exact issue.
  • According to the Android Developers site, Android 4.1+ is now installed on more than 10% of all Android devices, with over 39% of all devices running Android 4.0 or higher. That’s a significant increase in development and installations.

Android Distribution Jan 3 2012

  • If you’re looking to develop an Android app, The Droid Guy has a great multi-part series on the basics of app development. You can grab part 1 here.
  • Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, is planning to visit North Korea, which I think it pretty cool. I’ve been fascinated by North Korea ever since I viewed this video on YouTube and read this book.
  • Many people are looking for durable tablets for their kids. suggests that maybe this Vinci Android tablet might be the solution. Unfortunately though, the end result is that “the hardware specs are just too slow to be anything other than a kids’ tablet. Buying games off the Google Play store will work, but the hardware specs would struggle with some of the higher-grade game titles for Android devices.”
  • And in the “Seriously, Apple?” category, I introduce you to the stylus or the drop-down notification bar. Apple’s innovation seems to be off the rocker.
  • Google eased a little tension this week by settling an FTC antitrust probe over its search practices and ad placements, which ultimately means that Google will continue running #1 in the search engine field, and the FTC saved face with Bing. Here’s also a good rundown on what the settlement actually means for users (spoiler: not much).
  • Many iGuys were in a huzzle over the prospect of Apple’s purchase of Waze. Now, Apple appears disinterested in the navigation app developer (I’m sure they can create a great Apple maps program), although the article’s author wishes Google would snatch up the company.
  • As more people upgrade their devices to Android 4.1, some of the changes can be confusing. Here’s a great list of tips and tricks for Jelly Bean.
  • The results are back on the ABA Journal’s best of the best blawgs. The Droid Lawyer didn’t make the top of the legal tech category, but I’m happy to have a nomination and placement. Thanks to you all.
  • And finally, someone at Google is in trouble over this Google Now flaw, or maybe it’s just a good ol’ Google Easter egg (hat tip: Ben Hill):

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