Mrs. The Droid Lawyer’s mother is something close to a saint. She cusses like a sailor (sometimes), but other than that, I’m confident she’s going to be canonized soon. Why? Because she knows the simplest way to make The Droid Lawyer passionately adore her is to gift this for Christmas:


That folks, is the easiest way to create legal crack cocaine at home, for cheap. Or at least an easy way to create generic, off-brand sodas in an “earth friendly” manner. The mother-in-law gifted to me the ingeniously divine SodaStream SOURCE home soda maker.

If we had this 20 years ago, I’m certain we’d have an epidemic of obese, diabetic children and teenagers. Whew! I’m glad we’re just coming around with this technology now.

The concept is simple: make your soda in your own home, using your own water. Puff a short or long burst of carbonation into water, add syrup, drink contently. Voila, pure pleasure.

Since I’m any flavored sugar water with a splash of caffeine fan, I don’t mind many of the soda syrups. In fact, if you’re not Pepsi or Coke snob purist, the colas are quite tasty. I was disappointed in the Mt. Dew (Fountain Mist) flavor and the lemon-lime. Something about the flavoring was unsatisfactory. Though after trying them, I’ve read many online praises for the two syrups, so for now, they’ve gained a reprieve from the trash.

Fortunately too, the SodaStream syrups are made from “healthier” sugar substitutes, rather than high fructose corn syrups.

SodaStream offers plenty of flavor options too, ranging from lemon-lime to cola, and everywhere in between. So far, my favorite flavors are root beer, cola, diet cola, pink grapefruit, cranberry raspberry  and Dr. Pete. I’m longing to try ginger ale. We did create our own sparkling apple drink for New Years, using apple juice concentrate, which turned out quite well. The Sodastream website even offers some great recipes for other drink combinations.

As for the total cost savings, you’re probably going to break even. After factoring initial cost, plus carbonation canisters and drink syrups, the cost of a liter of soda is probably about the same. Note though, you can save some money when you purchase supplies by using a discount coupon from a big box bed, bath and beyond retailer.

Needless to say, I’m quite happy with the product, and will probably add one to the office.

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