Here’s a cool infographic I received from Easy Legal Billing, that talks about how lawyers use mobile devices.

Lawyers Mobile

I see a couple bits of information to highlight:

First, mobile devices increase work hours and client expectations, but decrease sustained reading.

Decrease Sustained Reading

This factoid tells me that if you’re going to be using a mobile device, you better have a work-life contingency plan. You also might need to step away from the device and actually handle real paper every once in awhile. Apparently, lawyers prefer reading lengthier documents in real life, versus on their mobile devices. I can agree wholly.

My second observation comes from the top portion:

Adding ValueMobile devices add value to client matters by eliminating downtime. Limited downtime for attorneys and clients produces value for everyone. More work equals more pay. Being able to leverage that advantage is the off-setting factor between productive lawyers and unproductive ones.

Finally, the infographic presents a great breakdown of the most-used smartphone or tablet apps:

Smartphone or Tablet Apps

Is anyone surprised that PDF readers lead the app-pack? What’s more surprising is how few of the respondents use a PDF annotation app (my favorites are ezPDF ($3.99) or RepliGo Reader ($2.99)) to view and edit documents. Annotation is a key staple of my mobile work, and I’m regularly reviewing and editing a document, usually a deposition.

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