Gmail app for Android is my favorite mail client. It’s simple, easy to use, and helps get the job of viewing and responding to email done quickly.

If your Gmail account is like mine, you get a lot of emails from “prospective clients” seeking help. Usually it’s some foreign national with an ungodly sum of money he/she needs your help laundering moving in the United States. That, or they begin with “Dear Counsel.” Never a good way to start a more impersonal email.

I usually send these right to the spam folder. In my browser client, that’s as easy as clicking Report spam on the menu:

Gmail Report Spam

In the Gmail app, the process is relatively similar: Menu > Report spam. Today I noticed a new option, Report phishing:

Gmail Android Report Phishing

If you’re not aware, phishing scams seek to obtain personal information by appearing trustworthy, usually from a bank or other trusted source.

You can quickly determine whether the email is legitimate or spam by checking the email headings.

Check Background Gmail

Gmail Android App Email Header

Usually, though not always, the message headers will match. If not, just check out the from website (of course, don’t click on a link, but enter it yourself). In this case, the website isn’t even fully established.

Newlaw Website

Diligence is important when dealing with suspicious email messages. Gmail is adding security measures to help report and curb the ever-growing influx of spam and phishing messages.

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