Rob J emailed me to let me know about his new Android app, Send It ($2.89).

Send It

Send It is your typical file-sharing app, which integrates with Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Box.

At first I wasn’t too impressed, or even too excited about the app. After all, Dropbox and Google Drive each allow me to share files, and this does essentially the same thing: upload a file to the cloud storage and notify the contact via SMS that it’s ready. This app is similar to YouSendIt, but unlike the YouSendIt app, Send It does not physically deliver a copy of the document.

XDA Developer TV has a great review, so I won’t rehash anything, but encourage you to watch the video:

Now, as the video states, there are two versions of the app: free and paid ($2.89). To me, a paid app (because I like supporting developers who make great programs) is a no-brainer. I tested the free app and had no problem sending any files below 10 mb. Since many email systems can handle smaller files, I really see this app being useful when you’re sending 10+ mb size files. the biggest problem is the

One thing I like is the ability to send the notification as a text message for the person to access on their phone. I could see many attorneys using this feature for communicating and collaborating with others. I also love the multi-contact feature, which allows you to send the text message to multiple contacts at once.

Make sure your contacts know what you’re sending them, since the other side sees something that looks substantially similar to spam. I sent a file to Mrs. The Droid Lawyer without explaining what I was doing, and she refused to click the link, even after I said it was okay.


One feature I wish this app had is the ability to share via desktop to the device. While it’s not totally necessary (you can copy/paste/send the link), it would be a nice addition for collaborating with the office, especially if you forgot a file. I would also like to see email functionality added, where you could share the link via email and not just text.

Send It is worth the $2.89, though I don’t suspect you’d use it an overwhelming amount. I think that most attorneys will find themselves throwing the same links directly from Dropbox or Google Drive, rather than using Send It.

Overall, I give this app 3 of 5 stars.

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