The Droid Lawyer doesn’t have a problem getting up in the morning. Mrs. The Droid Lawyer thinks that my quirky habit of subsisting on only a few hours of sleep is quite a feat. Mrs. The Droid Lawyer does enjoy sleeping in, and she might occasionally struggle to get going in the morning. Fortunately, when we struggle getting up in the morning there are alarm clocks to make us get moving. Sometimes though, even an alarm clock isn’t enough.

For those occasions, there’s the Morning Routine (free) app. A special thanks to Mark Unger (who happens to be one of my co-presenters at ABA Techshow) for pointing this out.

Morning Routine

The concept is simple: create an alarm > set it > and then, as it rings, scan a barcode to turn off the alarm. There’s no snooze feature to let you grab a few extra minutes.



Morning Routine forces you out of bed by making you scan a barcode (assuming you don’t have any barcodes laying next to your bed).


Short and simple, with no frills. If you’re into an app that helps you get going in the morning, you’ll probably love this one. If you’re like me, you’ll probably keep the barcode close to your beside, or perhaps on the box of donuts in the kitchen. Now that would motivate me to move faster.

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