Warning: you only have 2 shipping days left until my birthday. That’s because this year it falls on Sunday (January 20). I always loved having a birthday on January 20th because growing up that meant a guaranteed 3 day weekend for my birthday. I didn’t truly learn to appreciate birthdays until I met Mrs. The Droid Lawyer who introduced me to “the birthday“, a celebration. Birthdays became a me day like none other. Eventually, I took creative liberties and turned the birthday into a weekend, week, and hopefully month (I’m still working on that – you know, quid pro quo to Mrs. The Droid Lawyer, and all).

Android Birthday

That said, and in a show of humanitarianism as you sit pondering what to get me, let me remind you about my Amazon wishlist. You can exhale now.

Of course, since I just picked up a new phone and this speaker, there probably isn’t a great need for any gifts. Amazon gift certificates are fine.



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