One of the reasons I love Google Calendar is because I can access the program across multiple platforms. Sure, Outlook 365 or Exchange offer similar capabilities, but since I’m a fully-committed Googlephile, I love my Calendar app and website.

Google Calendar

As a side note, despite the abundant absence of entries depicted, my other, real calendar is quite full. The other calendar also contains confidential information I don’t want broadcast. Admittedly, I’m not very good at using the Calendar, so I seek out plenty of alternative opportunities for tips and tricks.

One resource I discovered was this post in PC World that gives 21 Google Calendar tricks (hence the name of my post).

I knew about some of the tricks, like shading and jumping to dates, but there are others that are quite helpful.

For instance, I love the “hide weekends” tip: You can show just Monday through Friday by clicking the gear icon and choosing Hide weekends on the General settings page.

One of my absolute favorites is number 9, “Schedule an event with a one-liner”:

Google Calendar Smart Scheduler

If you’re a Google Calendar user, you’re going to love the 21 tricks and tips. They’re simple, functional, and they show why Google Calendar is such a great addition to any lawyer’s lifestyle.


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Gaurav Gupta · August 12, 2014 at 1:59 am

Here’s another trick – ClipPod for Google Calendar. We’ve been using it to chat and share files inside our calendars and it’s worked out quite well so far.

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