ZDNet reports that a hacker by the handle, TibitXimer, gained access to Verizon’s consumer database (3 million+ customers) and posted a “pastebin” (list of names/information) portion of the file (about 300,000 names) on the internet for download. TibitXimer clarified that this hack is FIOS-related and not Verizon Wireless:

TibitXimerstrongly suggest that you change all of your Verizon passwords, regardless if you don’t have FIOS. Although I’m not too concerned about whether some hacker group sees my $200+ Verizon bill (will you guys mind pay that for me?), I might have the same username/password for other accounts that I do care about. Plus, it’s just safe to be cautious.

The scary thing about this who event is the fact that the hack seems to have occurred back in July, but Verzion hasn’t, to my knowledge, responded or acknowledge the hack. Tibit also seems to have notified Verizon of the security breach, allowed time for a response, and “the company ignored [his] report.” If true, Verizon might have some ‘splainin’ to do.

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