By now you’ve probably seen the latest update to Google+ for Android, including new UI features. If you’re not playing around on Google+, you’re missing the action. I’ve almost totally abandoned Facebook, and I’m nearly as close to ditching Twitter. Google+ gives me Hangouts, chats, and actual, meaningful interactions that are absent from Facebook and Twitter.

Now, Google+ is adding Communities, which is similar to the Groups feature on Facebook, except I’m seeing a bit more benefits to these than Facebook’s groups.

Pretty much all of my organizations or affiliations have already created and invited me to join their Community. You’ve probably received your multiple invitations to this, that, and the other Community.

For lawyers, I think this will provide excellent opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and develop relationships with potential clients. I think you’ll also see some “enterprising” attorneys try to exploit this platform and “market” their way to spamming other success. I’d encourage you to collaborate with lawyer friends and non-lawyer colleagues to offer information to your neighbors.

If you’re interested, I’ve created The Android Lawyers community to act as a resource for lawyers and staff using Android. There will be an area for discussions, technical support, lawyer applications, and news. As the community grows, so will the categories.


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