This review stems from another post I’m writing that may or may not involve law school apps, and a certain search term, “law school,” in Google Play.

Law School Dojo

Tucked deep down in there was this app, Law School Dojo (free), from Hand Drawn Apps. The Google Play description is what caught my interest:

A law quiz game for the law student that lives in everyone. Hundreds of multiple choice questions to learn legal doctrine, vocabulary, and procedure, along with random legal trivia. The quicker you answer correctly, the more points you earn — and then compare yourself to others in the Dojo to see how you did. It is perfect for incoming 1Ls, to get a jump on all the law to learn.
Work smarter not harder!

Whether the app will help incoming 1Ls prep for law school, I don’t know, since many of the questions will be over any first year’s head. I must admit though, as a practicing attorney, this is a pretty fun quiz game. The app might even help some bar preppers quickly flash through terse terms and facts.

The splash screen shows a “lawyer ninja” (and you know I love ninjas) who will pose the questions. Swiping the screen will start your law knowledge challenge.

Suddenly, you’re thrown on the burner like a 1L in Civil Procedure trying to understand Pennoyer. The questions come hard and fast – okay, some aren’t so hard and you have a limited time to answer – and making a mistake makes you feel like a moron, especially on the “easy” ones.

Law School Ninja Question

You get 3 lives, then…

Law School Ninja KO. . . Tough luck sucker.

I don’t know how many questions there are, and there’s no single element of organization for the questions you are given. I can also guarantee you’re not going to be able to pass the bar exam with this app, nor any particular law school course, but if you want to challenge yourself, you’ll probably going to have some fun with this, at least for a little while.

Jeff Taylor

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Liz · July 9, 2013 at 2:37 pm

Thank you very much for your review Mr. Taylor! I got the free app (admittedly for iPad, not Android) and liked it, but wasn’t sure if it would be worth buying additional subjects (Evidence and some general quizzes are free).

I’m studying for the Bar and, while it probably seems silly to debate a $3 app after spending $1,500 on a prep program, I was hesitant to buy for fear the info might not be accurate and it could actually be counterproductive rather than helpful.

It’s certainly not been a huge help, but does help keep certain cases and elements stick. I think I’ll give another one a try and see how it goes – if anyone has tried one of the other subjects, I’d love to know if it was accurate and gave good info for MBE (if not just general knowledge).

Thank you again for your review – I appreciate your take as a practicing attorney! But not to worry – should I not pass the bar after buying another of the app’s subjects, I promise not to sue. (I won’t be able to yet anyway.) Thank you!

    Jeffrey Taylor · July 10, 2013 at 8:30 am

    Liz, thanks for the comments. All of the apps are very fun, at least temporarily.

Liz · July 19, 2013 at 5:10 pm

I gave Evidence a try – not great but not bad, and might be good for 1Ls who need to know case names, as there are a BUNCH. Still, good for goofing off and telling yourself you’re being productive! (“Excuse me – I’ll just be studying Evidence on my iPad…”) 😉 thanks again!

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