If you want to see just how wasteful the US government is when it comes to the tax code, install the Touch Tax ($1.99) app. If you’re a tax attorney or accounting professional, wanting access to the 73,000+ pages of the US tax code from the palm of your hand, this is the app for you.

Touch Tax boasts “easy and affordable offline access on your Android phone and tablet to all 7,700+ sections of the latest edition of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the Code), the Treasury Regulations in Title 26 of the Code of Federal Regulations (the Regulations) and the Internal Revenue Bulletins since 2003. One application purchase includes both the tablet version and the phone version. Includes latest user interface improvements for Android systems.” Whew! That’s a short way of saying, “we’re giving you a lot of boring information for a cheap price.”

Denver developer/tax attorney, Matthias Edrich, writes, “TouchTax contains the full Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations.  I created it mainly to assist in my practice – but I think it would be a good tool for any tax attorney.”

Tax Touch contains a simple layout – what more would you expect for something addressing the most boring information in the world – to easily navigate the multitude of tax information.

If you weren’t excited by all of the code and regulation sections, perhaps you’ll be thrilled when you see the the specific sections laid out in mind-numbing screen scroll after screen scroll.

Even though it took me forever to scroll through the list of regulations, and I fell asleep before I reached the conclusion, I did learn that there are consequences for failure to pay taxes:

Hmmm…I may need some other type of help, Matthias. (Note to the IRS, that was a joke)

Fortunately, there’s a very easy-to-use search feature that allows you to bypass the “fluff” and get right to the meat of the information.

Just don’t forget to switch to keyword search, or you’ll end up with this:

Touch Tax is a very well-designed app that does exactly what I purports to do: present the most boring information in a meaningful way. The app looks great on tablet and phone. You can also check out the other features, such as note-taking and bookmarking, which will make this a very useful app for attorneys needing this information. I rate this app a 5 of 5.

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