Massachusetts attorney, Jason Carter, sent me this email:

Yes Jason, $20 is a lot to spend on an app that may work. I’m hesitant too. For you though, I bit the bullet and bought the full version (there’s a trial app that limits your installs/usage) of Lawyer ON GO, and here’s my review (note: screenshots are of the Lite version, but match the full version completely; I’ll also note changes/differences in the two versions). You’re welcome.

Overall, this app is decent, and if you’re not using a practice management program right now, worth the purchase. If you are using a PM system, the Lawyer ON GO has the ability to import/export information via CSV.

I’m going to see if my system (PracticeMaster) allows this. If you can’t export or import to CSV, it’s probably not worth the purchase since you’ll essentially be wasting more time re-entering each client’s information. In that case, I’d suggest one of the online versions, such as Clio or even Tabs3, to manage your mobile to office connection.

If you don’t mind doing double duty (and want to drop a $20) or your current system can sync via CSV, go ahead and grab the app. It’s actually a pretty good option.

Adding client information is easy, including the ability to enter pertinent information via templates.

The Search feature makes picking the information relatively easy once it’s entered.

Note: this screenshot is from my phone, not my tablet.

I love that you can also see a history of all client activity, including account balances.

Lawyer ON GO also integrates billing and notifications, giving you reports and information, and then allowing you to send email or SMS messages to your clients.

One of the “bonsuses” the full version promises is “more information on the screen.” While this is technically true (there appears to be slightly more spacing), when I actually used this on my Android tablet I discovered the tablet version isn’t optimized for the larger screen, it’s merely stretched.

There’s nothing really original about the Lawyer ON GO app; the concepts of managing a client matters stems from the dawn of attorney time. The revolution comes by bringing your client database to your tablet or smartphone. Lawyer ON GO provides many features, including FEATURES the ability to add, update, delete, search clients or events; create your own unlimited number of custom templates; add photo, audio, video, file or document attachments for client and event records; use dictations, voice or speech to text via voice enabled keyboard, if supported by your device; and manage client billing. The app also syncs with Google Calendar (I couldn’t set this up, though I didn’t try too hard).

One feature this app misses, and it’s a big one, is cross-platform synchronization. I understand if you’re wanting to dedicate your tablet or phone as the primary source for client information. However, collaborating with others is going to be difficult, if not impossible, with this app. Don’t forget the problem of lost data.

I see this appealing to solo attorneys needing a practice management solution, and not wanting to invest a large amount of money. Of course, you get what you pay for.

I’m giving this a 3 of 5 stars. The app is a good solution if you need a practice management solution, but certainly right now doesn’t compete with some of the other current solutions.

Ultimately, Jason, if you’re wanting a good calendar app, you might have to stick with Google Calendar. If you want something that you can customize to provide a mobile solution for your desktop or internet-based system, Lawyer ON GO might work. I’m certainly going to try it with some of smaller cases.

Update (12/03/12 | 21:32 CST)

Siyami Apps, developer of the Lawyer ON GO app sent me this reply:

So, they confirmed my statement about Google Calendar sync from the app, and the CSV export is pretty straightforward.

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Siyami Apps · December 3, 2012 at 9:46 pm

Hi Jeff
Thanks so much for investing time in reviewing our app. We really appreciate it! Couple of things I wanted to point out – The app does allow you to sync Google Calendar on the device when you take the appointments from the app! You are correct that some of our clients have used CSV files to import data in the app. With spreadsheet program or Excel, it is pretty straightforward to do this. Also wanted to add that some have also implemented periodic exports of the CSV file from the app to integrate with existing databases or applications!

Thanks once again! You can contact us anytime, any day and we would love to help you!

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