Mrs. The Droid Lawyer and I took all of our Droid minions on a mini-vacation to Houston for the Thanksgiving holiday. Neither of us had been to Houston, so it was something of a joyful expedition. Unfortunately, one of the problems with taking trips to foreign cities is that you’re the foreigner. Sure, the hotel guides can help, and Google is a traveler’s best friend, but sometimes you need just a little more. Our little more came in the form of an app from Google called, Field Trip (free).

Field Trip advertises itself as a self-contained tour guide, and to some extent, it really is. While the app isn’t perfect, and seems to get stuck on very special Google places, at least for restaurants, Field Trip is great for presenting short tidbits about local historical sites and attractions.

The app pulls information from a variety of sites like The Travel Channel and Food Network, and the easy-to-use settings make adjusting your interests relatively easy.

The app also features a notifications feature that highlights locations as you approach them. Unfortunately, some of the locations are outdated or may be several miles from your current location.

Overall, we we able to explore many of the sights in Houston, and go a first-hand history lesson about local popular and historical places.

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Mary · November 26, 2012 at 8:24 pm

Wish we had known about your Field Tripp App prior to our Houston visit. Thanks for your very fine review. Would love to check it out when we visit Northern CA next.

Field Trip, A Favorite | The Droid Lawyer™ · July 7, 2013 at 7:56 am

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