Hurricane Sandy is setting her sights on the East Coast with a fervor. The storm’s current location is 35.9°N 70.5°W, or 375 miles southeast of NYC, travelling north at 15 mph. I wish everyone in the path safety.

Awhile ago I discussed weather apps for Android. I’d encourage you, if you haven’t already, to install at least one of the apps.

As part of its conscionability efforts, Google created, which encourages tech-driven philanthropy. One current projects is crisis response. The site features maps and data, collected from all over the world, aimed at providing up-to-the-minute information about disasters. released its newest crisis response map that tracks hurricane Sandy to help users track the storms progress and provides information about emergencies and shelters. If you’re in Sandy’s path, hopefully this information will help.

Finally, if you’re threatened by the melee, or you’re stranded in the aftermath, send text messages to friends and family rather than call them. Phone lines will be jammed with traffic, and text messages require less data than a phone call does, thereby ensuring delivery of your message, while others frantically worry.

Update (6:40 CDT): I searched for an online option for news on Sandy, and here it is, courtesy of The Weather Channel and YouTube.

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