When Mrs. The Droid Lawyer and I married 10+ years ago, one of our first home rules was to never go to be mad at each other. Although we haven’t strictly adhered to the rule, we’ve made significant attempts to be sure we’re 99% close to it. From our years of fights, one thing I learned was to say “sorry.” At first, I apologized out of spite or resentment, just to end the confrontation. Then, as I wised-up, I realized the diffusing-effect “sorry” has on any bad situation. As Mrs. The Droid Lawyer says, “it’s hard to be mad at you when you’ve admitted your mistake.”

Well, as any good attorney learns from day one, you’re fallable, prone to mistakes. Do the job long enough, and you’re bound to make a mistake…or two…or three (what do they say about the third time?). That’s why this post from Attorney Marketing’s, David Ward, is so poignant. The post brilliantly discusses what I learned with my wife: if you screwed up, admit the mistake, apologize, and offer solutions to rectify the problem.

You’re never going to be able to do everything perfect, always. However, with a little integrity and a lot of humility, you can often correct the problem and move on.

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