My kids, like many others, enjoy playing games on my super-fast Asus tablet, or on Mrs. The Droid Lawyer’s Samsung Galaxy S III. Their favorite right now is Temple Run: Brave. Today, thankfully, I had a not-so-costly reminder of one special feature in Google Play: PIN for purchases. Thing 2 played his second favorite game, “Om Nom” (Cut the Rope). As with many apps, Cut the Rope features in-app purchases that allow users to “expand” their experience. Thing 2, who’s five, can’t read. Thing 2 presses buttons, clicks a lot of links. Thing 2 purchased at least two upgrades to Cut the Rope. Again, thankfully, the upgrades weren’t costly.

Like two-step authentication, the pin for purchases gets annoying really fast, but can save headaches like mine down the road. Think of the pin as an added layer of security that takes 2 seconds of time, but could save you thousands, literally. So here’s how to set your pin:

Open Google Play and Click Menu > Settings. (Note: your menu button may be in a different location than the lower left.)

Click Set or change PIN

Enter your new Google Play PIN (twice).

And finally, but most importantClick Use PIN for purchases.

Exit your settings and Google Play will ask you to enter your PIN to authenticate any Google Play purchases.

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