Ugh. Nuanace must hate Android. Why would the company release any app other than their popular Dragon Naturally Speaking, if they didn’t? Yet, despite ample demand, Nuance released Dragon Mobile Assistant (free) instead of DNS.

Admittedly though, this isn’t as bad as their original device debut, Dragon Go!, and actually might make me amend my list of best apps for lawyers.

Although the app is still beta, and lacks some of the functional capabilities of Speaktoit Assistant or Maluuba, Dragon Mobile Assistant is still an app to grab.

Of course you have all of the basic features such as voice dialing, texting, and search, with the added capacity of using multiple sites to gather information.

The app did have some problems performing basic functions, such as calculations, which I think is an essential element in any good “assistant.”

Dragon Mobile Assistant also has an “on-the-go” or driving feature, much like Vlingo, which will read text messages and perform functions in the car. I like this feature and think it’s another essential assistant feature.

Overall, Dragon Mobile is a good app, and I’m excited to see it’s evolution. When you combine the power of Nuance with Google, you’re sure to win a great program.

Now, hopefully we’ll see Dragon Dictation on Android. Oh, and by the way, it’s only available for devices running Android 4.0+.

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