I probably received my notice well before you got yours, but in case you’re out of the loop, the Depose app ($7.99) received an update recently. Included in this update is my new favorite feature: multiple question upload. Let me tell you, this app rocks!

If you thought I was on the border before, I’m not. Will the ability to import questions, this is going to change the way you use your Android tablet for depositions and trial questions.

You’ll find the “Import Questions” command under the menu tab.

You can select to upload “local” or “online” files. I prefer the online method, which features Dropbox integration.

Here comes the important part to remember: although Depose recognizes WordPerfect, PDF and Word documents, use a plain text (.txt) file to upload your questions. For some reason, the parsing function fails on anything but plain text, so your questions import in a garbled mess. Otherwise, select the appropriate file, and import.

Once parsed, the questions appear for you to select.

 After import, you can modify, comment, flag, or attach files to, the selected questions.

Well, there you go. A great app, just got awesome. One of my key critiques with the app was the have-to-type-each-question-on-a-tablet problem. Well, that’s solved.

If you haven’t already grabbed the app, get it now. At $7.99, this is a steal.

Jeff Taylor

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Greg Baumgartner · October 17, 2012 at 6:11 am

I certainly will give it a try. The check bos may prove handily to make sure we have the key elements needed in the case. I am a little skeptical about not using word documents to add questions though!

    Jeffrey Taylor · October 17, 2012 at 6:20 am

    Greg, you can add questions with Word. You just need to make sure you save the document as a plain text file and not a Word document. My process is to use Word, edit my text, then save in plain text, upload afterwards. Haven’t had a problem.

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