Each week during the month of October, Google and Your Business blog will be giving tips and tricks for managing solutions with Google’s products.

This week, the featured Google product is Gmail.

I talked about some of these, including labels, which I love. One thing I need to enable is 2-step verification. There’s added security, which basically means someone must know your password and have your phone.

Now, to save you the hassle of having to click, here are the tips:

  1. Find all the keyboard shortcuts you can use by typing ? when you’re in your Gmail inbox.
  2. Add color and organization to your inbox with different colored stars or exclamation points and labels.
  3. Use “in: anywhere” to search all folders, inboxes, Spam, and Trash when you’re looking for a message.
  4. Keep unauthorized users out of your account by using 2-step verification, which adds an extra layer of security when you’re signing in.
  5. Use sub-labels to organize your labels into groups that you can collapse and expand.
  6. Add a theme to customize your inbox or be festive for the seasons. Choose a stock option or upload your own photo by just clicking Themes under the gear icon.
  7. Set vacation responses when you’re out of town so people who email you don’t wonder why you haven’t responded to a message.
  8. Lists and notifications clogging your inbox? Sort them as they arrive with “Filter messages like this.
  9. Manage multiple email accounts? Use Gmail to send mail “from” your other email addresses while only being signed into one.
  10. Customize how you view actions like Archive and Mark Spam by picking icons or text.

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