Ever wonder how much cybercrime costs? According to this report from Norton, $110 BILLION annually. That means Apple’s $1 billion victory is a sliver compared to what these criminals get away with. Every second, 18 people become the victim of a cybercrime.

What’s the number one deterrent to cybercrimes? Strong passwords.

I’ve discussed security for mobile devices, and always stress strong passwords and dump the slide to unlock “protection” on your phone or tablet. One interested factoid from the Norton report is that 44% of mobile device users don’t know that security apps exists to protect devices from malicious programs or sites. Similarly, 44% of adults access their email using free or unsecured internet connections, even though over half of those adults are concerned about security.

There’s a new trick to get your information, which involves a practice called “smishing.” The practice involves sending a spam text message that lures the reader into clicking on links for “prizes.” Ultimately, the user gets funneled to a scam and possibly malicious site. This is one of the risky mobile behaviors.

Some other risky mobile behaviors involve social media sites, including not logging out (1/3); not checking links before sharing sites (1/5); no know if settings are public or private (1/6).

Watch out men, or turn in your “man card,” because you’re the gender most likely to fall victim to cybercrimes.

The report is fascinating and shows there is plenty of room for improvement. Take a chance to look it over.

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