Asus Transformer tablet owners should be giddy about checking for OS and firmware updates, but they’re not the only ones. According to this story, Android phones are susceptible to USSD attacks, which basically leaves the phone open to a hacker’s attempts to wipe your phone’s data.

The story points out that “[security gurus] showed that a device can be forced to automatically open a link to such a page by touching a NFC-enabled phone to a rogue NFC tag, by scanning a QR code or by including the link in a special service message. However, an attacker can also include the link in a Twitter feed, SMS or an email message and trick the victim to manually click on it.”

The suspect devices are Samsung’s brands, but other stories suggest all Android devices have the vulnerability.

If you’re negligent on updating your system, do it now: menu > settings > about phone/tablet > system updates > check for update. A quick download could protect you.


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