If you’re a fan of navigation, then you’re a fan of Android. Android has, hands down, the best built-in navigation. My favorite navigation app is Waze. It’s responsive, accurate, and has a lot of cool features, especially the “Wazer alerts” that provide information about police, construction, and traffic, among others, in real-time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve avoided traffic problems because of my Waze “friends.”

Now, major navigation player, TomTom, is releasing its Android version of the popular navigation program. Apparently, the app will debut in October, at a price to be determined.

Unfortunately for TomTom, I doubt that they’ll be serious competitors against Waze or Google’s Navigation App. Unless Waze suddenly becomes a paid or subscription-based application, TomTom will struggle with its current paid model. Waze features everything TomTom does, without the cost.

Jeff Taylor

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