The vacation (if you call 100+ hours in “The Ultra-cool Minivan” a vacation) is finally over, and now I’m returning to “normal.” I think, as the cliche goes, I need a vacation from the vacation, or at least enter me in a new rat race. This week’s round-up may (because I am writing the introduction beforeI write the round-up) be longer because of the 3 week span of no news.

  • The biggest “sliced bread” is still the Apple v. Samsung trial. As I told you, Foss Patents blog is doing a good job of keeping things informed, especially from a legal perspective. Yesterday, Judge Koh ordered both companies to reveal sales figures about iPhone, iPad, and other Samsung devices. The numbers are interesting.
  • In conjunction with all the vibe surrounding the trial, Cnet has this story about how Google is “secretly” supporting its Android device makers. And what did you think Google was using all that $58 billion in cash for?
  • Google Translate (free) is a fun app for translating text or speech. The latest update brings picture translation to your mobile device.
  • This story about Android 4.1 being ported over to a T-Mobile G1 (the first-ever Android device) is pretty cool. I’m really surprised the device even has the computing power to run the robust OS.
  • Apple announced that it’s no longer going to package the YouTube app in iOS devices. This isn’t particularly disappointing news, since the iOS YouTube app sucks when compared with Android. What’s important though, as the story points out, is that Apple is exiting, “stage left even” from any ties to Google.
  • The Droid Demos blog gives us this post on how-to unlock the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. I haven’t unlocked my TF700T yet, but I will soon.
  • Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, is awesome. Until I got my Transformer Infinity, I’d only dabbled with the OS. Well, this post shows you 6 reasons why ICS (and Jelly Bean) rules. Now, if only Motorola would hurry and release their upgrade.
  • Google Now is the assistant, Siri-like solution for Android, included with Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. This post discusses how to use Google Now.
  • If you don’t have Jelly Bean on your phone (and frankly, not many do), then you may want to try Robin (free). While it’s not even close to my preferred Siri-like assistant for Android, it’s developing into a serious competitor, especially now since the developers added “parking assist.” The Lifehacker folks like Vlingo, but I prefer Speaktoit Assistant.
  • If you haven’t upgraded to Verizon’s or AT&T’s share plans, you’re missing out. One of the features I love most is that I can tether devices quite simply. Since you should be able to do this without a hassle or charge, this post on tethering apps can help you find a good one.
  • And finally, in case you missed it from last week, here’s a link to my post on collaborating with Google. I’m not sure what I can say, but this may be one of the topics/sub-topics discussed at the upcoming ABA Techshow.

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