Well, I finally found one function that makes ezPDF Reader the champion Android PDF reader. That function is cropping and advanced editing. As I told you here, I wasn’t too enamored to choose ezPDF over RepliGo. Well, this how-to makes me jump off the fence and select ezPDF.

Walking Office blog submitted this post about editing SCOTUS opinions for easy reading. The process and tip was actually very good, though I have yet to read any SCOTUS opinion (I prefer to read more circuit court opinions), and works in the same simple way on any Android device using ezPDF.

So, here’s how:

Navigate to the SCOTUS site (or what other site) and download an opinion with your browser (Dolphin or Chrome are best).

Once downloaded (check your downloads folder):

 You’ll be able to open the file with ezPDF and Android’s native file-opening function (obviously choose to open with ezPDF Reader):

 Once the PDF is opened, use the menu button to select Crop Page from the pop up window. In my case, I found the “more” menu by tapping on the ellipsis-looking button on the lower right side of the menu screen:

At this point I should note all of the features available with the menu button. Don’t forget about them even though some are available in the on-screen menu.

Once you select Crop Page, you’ll receive the Choose Area prompt, where you can begin to crop the page by dragging the box. It’s simple, and don’t worry about getting it exactly perfect:

 I just cropped the page where I thought it would be most useful:

Once you get your fit, click OK, and you’re asked whether you want to crop the page, a series of pages (odd/even), or the entire document. You’ll choose entire document, unless you want to make your reading creative and use odd/even:

 Voila! Let the program work its magic, and you have a beautifully cropped PDF for easy reading. I think total time on the project was less than 1 minute:

 Now, highlight and edit to your heart’s content.

Thanks to Rob Dean at Walking Office blog for the inspiration.






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