I know what Samsung’s attorneys feel right now. It’s a feeling of discouragement that is beyond comprehension and description. Fortunately for them, their jury was out longer than the five minutes it took for my client to lose his case, and his savings.

I subtly guessed Samsung would lose this case, though I thought Samsung had a shot at something. One billion  dollars, I couldn’t imagine that. Heck, that’s more than the GDP of some countries.

I think the US patent system is screwed up; though like any good commentator with little to no understanding of the rules, procedures, or subtleties, I won’t back up my assertions with facts.

As soon as some guru posts a summary somewhere, or the verdict becomes available on PACER, I’ll give you a summary of the decision. Obviously, Samsung will appeal. If you want to review the live stream of the decision, check out the coverage on The Verge.

Jeff Taylor

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