Despite the July holidays in Canada and the United States, Android news forges on:

  • Android 4.1 or Jelly Bean will be coming to more phones, more quickly, as ROM developer, Cyanogenmod confirmed that their newest release will contain the Jelly Bean OS. This is good news since CM is arguably the most-downloaded/installed Android ROM.
  • There’s more exciting news about the Android 4.1 OS, since users discovered that it translates tablet layouts differently. This means that there are different layouts for different sizes of tablets. That’s going to mean clearer pictures, without the smartphone layout blown-up for tablet viewing.
  • Mobile security firm, Lookout, warns that Android users of the Yahoo Mail App to immediately uninstall the app because of “potential vulnerabilities” in the mail app. There aren’t specific details about the vulnerabilities, but if Lookout found them, then I’d trust their warning.
  • According to Andrew Milroy of the research firm Frost & Sullivan, Inc. (I haven’t heard of them either), Android is becoming the predominant smartphone software (OS) internationally. Check out this short video from Bloomberg:

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