Well, I’m ending it. I’ve decided that I just don’t use it that much, and I need to spend time elsewhere. So, as of today, The Droid Lawyer will no longer exist in the world as a Verizon unlimited data plan holder.

Yep, that’s right. I spent about 20 minutes talking with the guys at Verizon, reviewing my data, voice, text (mostly text), and determined that despite my initial apprehensions, the “Share Everything Plan” was a good value. In fact, on the switch alone I saved $100, and now I’ve cut my monthly bill by $50.

Sure, I gave up unlimited data, which was a really cool thing to have when I had it, but the truth was, I never touched unlimited (is that an oxymoron?). Most of my data usage comes from Wi-Fi connections, and only rarely do I use about 1 gb of data in any given month. In fact, my 6 month average data use was 842 MB. That hardly seems worth cost. If I need to, I can upgrade the data use for a cost-efficient $10.

Now, something I noticed is that sometimes during the night, my phone is using data rather than Wi-Fi while I sleep. I’m going to have to fix that, which is easy, to ensure I can save money/data. I’m also going to have to set my phone to only allow updates or app downloads over Wi-Fi. While this is a pain, you can cost yourself data space if you’re not taking advantage of these benefits. If you need to, it’s easy to switch.

Jeff Taylor

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