One of the things I love about Android is the quick access you have to add widgets or other shortcuts to your Android home screen.

It’s really simple to add a widget, shortcut, or change your wallpaper. To make the change, do the following:

  1. Long-press on home screen
  2. “Add to Home screen” menu (does it bother anyone else that the word “screen” isn’t capitalized?) appears
  3. Select Widgets, Shortcuts, Folders, or Wallpaper
  4. Select from the sub-menu option

While I’m not a big fan of a lot of widgets, they occasionally have their place. What I love most though are shortcuts. I’ll add shortcuts to anything. There’s a good number of shortcuts to select from too.

My favorite shortcuts are to contacts, direct dial, and directions and navigation (not shown). I’ve filled my Android desktop with links to frequently contacted people, a direct dial shortcut to my wife, and navigation links to home and work (I’m a navigation geek and love to run Waze when I’m tootling around town).

I also love the “quick contacts” widget (Long press homescreen > widgets > quick contacts>, which displays a list of your “favorite” contacts in a drop-down screen.

Though I don’t use this feature too often, it’s nice to have when I need to make a quick call or text to a friend.

If you have any other “how-to” questions, please let me know. You can contact me at jeff [at]

Jeff Taylor

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