I will forewarn you that next week’s post might be sparse. I am leaving the wonderful confines of OKC to 2nd chair an out-of-state trial. We’ll see how much time I can devote to “this, that, and the other.” Perhaps I’ll have to have a couple scheduled posts. Other than that bad news, here’s what else is being discussed:

  • There’s some good, bad, and perhaps ugly news coming from Verizon regarding their unlimited data plans. Unfortunately, Verizon announced it will end unlimited data plans (the bad), in lieu of its new shared data plans (the good), but you can still keep your unlimited data plan by purchasing a phone at full price (the perhaps ugly). Please! This announcement is purely about profits and not about the customer, especially the long-time and loyal ones. I’d really like Daniel Mead to weigh-in and dispell the rumor, but I don’t think that’s remotely possible. Thanks for nothing Verizon. Fortunately for me, I have an inside track on a company seeking to offer flat rate billing and full-featured services for all wireless carriers. When it takes off, I’m going to promote the heck out of it, and jump ship quickly. I’m curious though, are you likely to jump to Sprint because of this announcement?
  • Here’s kind of an interesting “go for it” opinion that suggests you shred your monthly wireless contract in favor of a prepaid plan.
  • There’s more big device news from Google, as it’s now selling its own devices and partnering with providers. The idea is that Google will partner with manufacturers, probably Motorola, provide them with the OS, then sell directly to consumers. Google’s already doing this with its Galaxy Nexus device, which you can purchase through Google Play. For $400, you can purchase Galaxy Nexus compatible with AT&T or T-Mobile’s systems.
  • Google is trying hard to get you to jump to their Drive service (here’s why lawyers should wait), and is especially touting its features. If you don’t know, Drive has assumed or morphed from the Google Documents platform. This blog post is an interesting suggestion about how to research using Google Documents.
  • Although not Android related, the Law Librarians discussed free online legal research services, including Google Scholar and Cornell’s LII project.
  • Want an Android primer? Are you a new user and need some assistance? Then here’s the post for you.
  • Chrome can now tab with your Android device. That means the tabs you open on your desktop are the same tabs open on your Android device. Cool.
  • You can purchase an Android computer in Asia for $79. The mini computer plugs into an HDMI output, has 4GB ram, and runs Android. Angry birds or Mini Motor Racing on the projector, here I come. The question is, “where do I touch?”
  • Custom ringtones are one thing that I’m getting into. I know, it’s childish and perhaps immature, but I sure love being able to hear the Darth Vader theme when a rather annoying colleague calls my cell phone, or Sexy and I Know It for my wife’s calls. Here’s the “how to” on creating ringtones. And remember, if you’re using an app like Locale, your phone will change its “tune” based on any given location.
  • This recent post generated a lot of comments from my readers. I appreciate the responses, and would love to hear more thoughts and opinions.
  • And finally, the jury’s still out in the Oracle v. Google patent matter. I’m kind of surprised that there’s only 25 jury instructions for a somewhat complex case like this. Heck, we have 25 instructions in my “easy” car wreck.

Hope you have a great week!

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