The big news is that this week, Oracle learned the same thing one of my clients did: juries are fickle. It seems that the money spent by Oracle suing Google is a “disaster” according to some. The jury ruled that Android vis-a-vis, Google, didn’t infringe on Oracle’s Java patent. Although the jury found Android copied 9 lines of code, the damages for that “infringement” are minute in comparison to the overall $1 billion potential liability. So, I suspect it’s “back to the board” for Oracle. Here’s what happening in other news:

  • With the patent victory, Google finally had an opportunity to refocus on its products. This time, Google updated its Google+ app. Although I’m skeptical whether anyone is still using this social media platform – yep, just checked; a few are – Google+ app adds easy hangout capabilities and a new look. Not sure if I prefer the old to the new, but a long time will tell. I’m interested in trying a Hangout with a group, so hit me up (or by email, jeff at if you are too.
  • Coincidentally, I posted this article on making Android faster than iPhone to my Google+ wall. Unfortunately, that’s the only article for awhile.
  • PC World has this post about some Android apps (and their corresponding desktop programs) that are sure to improve your Android experience. Of the 3 “essential” ones, I’ve tried 4, DoubleTwist, AirDroid, and Lookout Mobile Security. I’m particularly interested in trying Remote Notifier for Android (desktop app here).
  • If you’re an MS Office user, and I assume most readers are, the rumor mill is buzzing about Microsoft’s preparations to release MS Office for Android. Though Docs to Go is my current preferred app (see my comparison here), a MS Office app would likely receive preference. We’ll have to wait though, the rumored release isn’t until November.
  • I can see a hundred million (maybe not that many) defamation lawsuits coming because of this “parking shame” app. The app (free) lets you air your grievances against annoying parkers – you know, like the guy in the ‘Benz that takes up 4 spots – by broadcasting pictures and information about the car to those in your vicinity. Here’s a video publicizing the app:

  • Here’s a great post from Attorney at Work on the etiquette of Wi-Fi security. One of the best pieces of advice: Pay Attention. You must be vigilant about your Wi-Fi use.
  • If you’re in the tablet market, you might want to wait until June to check out Google’s Nexus line. Android Guys reports that 600,000 Nexus tablets will go on sale. While I have my doubts about the usefulness of a 7-inch tablet, I’m intrigued by the the $150 price tag and I love the direct link to Google.
  • If you want to gamble at winning a Galaxy Tab 10.1, then you’ll want to get into this giveaway from Android Guys and Skype. But hurry fast, entries are due by June 7. Think hard though, the question requires thought and originality:  “If you could video chat with anyone at all, ever, in the history of the universe, who would it be?”
  • If you’re looking to boost your law firm’s web presence, then you might want to attend Google’s Webmaster Academy. The Academy “will walk you through the information you need to get your site up and running with Google in easy to understand steps.” It’s a 6-step, self-guided course, and is very much encouraged if you want to get closer to the number 1 Google ranking.
  • After 10 years, Rockstar Games is celebrating Grand Theft Auto’s anniversary by offering GTA 3 for $0.99 this weekend. If you’re an old-school gamer, you’ll want some memories with this one.
  • I don’t fly a lot, but I did this week. I wish I had some of these apps for the airport. Oh wait, I’m reading Agent Pendergast on my Amazon Kindle app.
  • Here’s a post about a trick I’ve known, but rarely use, for sending files with Dropbox.
  • How to Geek posted this step-by-step guide on installing and moving apps to your SD card by default. I love this trick and use it quite often to save space on my phone.
  • And finally, ever wonder how your phone knows its up from its down? Well, watch this video on how your phone’s accelerometer works:

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