Shortly after releasing last week’s news round-up, I took my family on a whirlwind drive to attend a funeral for my grandfather. The event was great and I certainly appreciate the outpouring of support and condolences. However, the quick trip with many miles ended up throwing my law practice chaotically behind, and therefore, so are the posts on this site. Hopefully though, I am somewhat caught up, and so today’s news will commence a new string of posts:

  • As we wait for the jury’s decision in Oracle v. Google, Reuters has this story regarding a hearing outside the jury’s presence discussing Android’s profitability. Apparently, for every quarter of 2010, Android lost money for Google.
  • The bad news for Oracle, and possibly Google, is that the jury might be near deadlock in its verdict. Judge Alsup sent the jurors home Wednesday with encouragement to “start fresh.” Judge Alsup further proposed to the sides that if the jury agreed on some of the issue, that the parties accept that as a verdict and move on with the 2nd of 3 stages in the trial. I’m interested in your opinion and thoughts on this development. Who is this good for, Google or Oracle?
  • Trend Micro apparently caught some malicious apps in Google Play, despite Google’s use of it’s scanner tool, Bouncer. To be specific, Trend Micro states it found 17 malicious apps. Most of the apps look malicious (Asian fonts), but there is one called, Say Phone PRO+, which someone could mistake as a legitimate app. However, if you look close you’ll see some obvious signs, such as grammar mistakes, which would make me leery. This is just another example of why you need to run antivirus software on your device and only download reputable apps.

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