Posts have been few and far between since I got sucked up into an office remodel project and preparations for a 10 day trial excursion out-of-state. So, unfortunately, the best you get this week is this shabby news round-up:

  • If you’re frustrated with Google’s privacy policy changes, and you’re thinking of jumping ship, then here’s the post for you. PC World’s Alex Wawro discusses some of the methods for “Getting off Google for Good.”
  • If you’re satisfied with Google, but sometimes frustrated with the lack of support, you’ll be happy to know that your Google Apps for Business account (paid) comes with 24/7 technical support. The number is 1-877-355-5787.
  • Over the past couple of weeks, I have seen more posts discussing Android tablets. As a general statement, more of them are moving in this anti-Android-tablet direction, praising the iPad. While it’s generally true that attorneys will likely favor iPad because of some specific apps, some of the article’s reasons are flawed: first, at $199, the Amazon Kindle Fire is a cheaper Android tablet than iPad, and there are many Android tablets similarly priced. Second, Android tablets aren’t “limited” to any specific carrier. Many people purchase Wi-Fi-only Android tablets, rather than the connected ones.
  • Unlike the author of the previous post, my complaint with Android is the lack of focus. This post from summarizes my chief complaint, fragmentation, in addition to a few others.
  • Here’s a story from the Chicago Tribune about the Apple v. The World lawsuits, and particularly Apple v. Motorola.
  • If you’re still interested in the patent wars coverage, you might check out this post summarizing the Oracle v. Google matter. From this post comes one of my favorite quotes: “Today, Google using Cockburn’s latest numbers estimates that, at most if they were found guilty on all counts they’d owe Oracle $37.5-million. Oracle, using the same estimates, came up with, brace yourself, an estimate of maximum damages of $32.3-million. Yes, that’s right, Oracle came up with a lower number than Google based on its own paid expert’s figures.” Just another fine example of how crazy these wars are.
  • Futurelawyer gave his “10 Apps Every Android Tablet User Should Own” review. It’s good, and I generally agree, although I’m not quite willing to pony $29.95 per month for PressReader when I can use Google News to customize the news I want to see, for free.
  • iPhone readers may want to check this post on why you’ll want to jailbreak your phone. One of the great things about Android is the ability to root your device and customize it. Surprisingly, some of the “great” reasons for jailbreaking are already inherent in Android, without the need for root.
  • If you’re a fan of Angry Birds, you’re not going to want to miss the newest addition, Angry Birds Space. You can grab it from Amazon Appstore for Android (3 versions) or the-Google-website-formerly-known-as-the-Android-market. It’s as addicting as the original 3.
  • Add more security to your phone when you visit Mobile Lost & Found by Lookout. The announcement came on their blog, which discusses their new website to help you locate your lost phone.

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