I can’t say I’m not all too glad to see this week end. This time change is killing me, especially since I’m a bit of an insomniac and prone to going to bed late. That said, here’s the news round-up for this week in Android:

  • According to this post in ZDNet, Android tablets will overtake the iPad by 2015. Well, duh! The simple math dictates that. There’s far more Android tablet manufacturers than Apple, therefore the number of producers alone means almost total domination. I’m just surprised it’s going to take that long.
  • Slashgear produced this great post discussing whether you should purchase a new iPad or Android tablet. This is similar to my explanation, but carries the authority of “Slashgear” and not me. There’s also some cool pictures and video, and everyone loves those. Now, just a bit of criticism to Slashgear: if you’re going to ask the question “should you,” you’d better provide the answer instead of simply saying, “It really truly depends on what kind of experience you’re looking to have.” That’s the easy answer, and you really should take a position. KIDDING!
  •  I’m always harping about security, so this post on Cnet about “honeypots” is important. Read it. Do it…er don’t do it, but do it.
  • I haven’t reviewed the OnLive Desktop app yet (it’s incompatible with all of my devices – anyone willing to let me try?), but it’s getting a lot of praise and cheers, as well as criticism. Apparently, Microsoft isn’t too happy about the application that “provides a seamless, no-compromise, instant-response cloud-based PC desktop, wherever and whenever you want it,” because the app violates Microsoft’s licensing terms.
  • The Amazon Appstore for Android celebrated its 1 year birthday this week.  You can get in on the fun (but it must be before March 31, 2012) by “liking” the Amazon Appstore for Android Facebook page and filling out the registration form. Amazon will choose 8 random people who will win an Amazon Kindle Fire. I wrote about the Appstore for Android when this blog was in its infancy too. I feel like we’ve grown up together…although Amazon has probably made a ton more money from their website than I have from this one.
  • While the Apple v. Motorola suit is gearing up for June, Google is facing a battle of its own. Oracle America, Inc v. Google Inc, is set for trial on April 16, 2012. I suspect I’ll have to do another horrific butchering of that case, and possibly spend another small fortune (I need more advertisers to support my PACER habit) “bringing you the latest and most up-to-date news.” What I find most fascinating about all of these cases is the number of law firms making gobs of money for cases that will likely settle with one party paying royalty payments to the other party. Where can I get some of that action? You know, I’m available for brief writing (or docket review with poor IP commentary), so call me.
  • My NCAA madness-fest isn’t up to snuff this year. Usually I’m all over the brackets, but I’ve been somewhat neglectful, and really haven’t even cared too much about the games. It’s the price I pay for Droid Lawyer fame…dedicated to my devoted fans. Thus, because of my “dedication,” I haven’t really even examined the March Madness apps available in the-Google-website-formerly-known-as-the-Android-Market. But, if you’re interested, check out this post.
  • Finally, here’s a pretty “stinky” way for Google to handle it’s cooling needs. Apparently, Google is working on developing a method for cooling its data centers with 100% recycled toilet water. The system is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. I applaud it, and am actually quite fascinated with the entire process.

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