Well, the first viable set of Republican candidates public outcry caused Senator Harry Reid (D – NV) to suspend Tuesday’s vote on the Protect IP Act, and Rep. Lamar Smith (R – TX) says his committee won’t hear the bill. Both leaders want to find a “wider solution” to this problem.

As I discussed the other day, these bills were just too broad for my liking. There are already measures in place through copyright laws that protect holders and creators of content. We saw the effective use of the legal system with the shutdown of the Megaupload website. Unfortunately for them, these measures are costly.

So, through political influence, the MPAA and others decided to introduce SOPA and PIPA, which would allow them to bypass state, federal and international¬†procedures with a “takedown notice.” Not cool. Side note: as a lawyer though, I think seeing a letter finally have some effect would actually be cool.

Don’t expect these bills to go away though. They’ll come back in some grotesque reincarnation. Remember the idiom: better the devil you know.

Jeff Taylor

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