With the recent spat about Google’s “search gaming,” I thought this post by Paul Levy from the Consumer Law & Policy Blog was quite interesting.

Levy poses the theory that Google might actually be violating FTC regulations by offering products or services it cannot fulfill. The problem, as Levy notes, is with Google’s Offers program. This might outrage even more people.

A lot of people are outraged by Google’s new privacy policy, so much so that two members of the US House of Representatives are requesting that the FTC investigate the terms and regulations.

The interesting part of this is the fact that Google entered into an agreement with the FTC regarding its Google Buzz (morphed to Google+). The agreement bars Google from engaging in certain activities, and subjects it to 20 years of privacy oversight.

Although I’m not too concerned about Google’s new privacy policy (I think any company with over 50 employees is inherently evil anyway), I know a lot of people are. The privacy policy seems to be a major sticking point with people, and my suggestion, if you have a problem, is to use something else – I hear AOL is still around.

As for me, privacy, smivacy. I’ve read enough spy novels to know that the only way to securely pass information is by leaving the message in your “Drafts” box. I don’t believe for a minute anything isn’t being watched or known about me, especially considering the number of times I had to “enter the system.”

Mark my words though, the lawsuits are shortly coming.

Picture courtesy of The Tech Journal.

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