Nuance Communications finally released it’s heir-apparent to the Siri-on-Android-challenge, Dragon Go!.

The theory, as Nuance markets it, is that Dragon Go! allows you to “Say it. Get it. [and] Go!” Unfortunately, this app flops, completely. In fact, this makes me want to shout, “Why Nuance, did you ruin a good thing?!

The app supports 8 apps and at least 100 different websites:

Basically, as you see from the screenshot, you can say a movie, artist, address, or business, and the app will perform a function. This is similar to Siri, but still needs some development to make it useful. I still say that Speaktoit Assistant is a much better app if you’re seeking a Siri alternative.

On the positive side, the app is great for getting movie times from Fandango, or playing music through Pandora. This app also is a great compact search engine, combining multiple apps and websites into a single place and feeding you information.

However, the negatives to this app significantly outweigh any positives. While the functions are clear, and the speech recognition is superb, the app can’t add events to my calendar, pull up contacts, and can’t connect a phone call to my own wife.

I have high hopes for the future of this app, since Nuance is the market-leader in speech recognition, but when Dragon came to Android, I’d hoped it would come with the Dragon tools.

Unlike Dragon Dictation for iPhone, until Nuance adds dictation or Siri-like capabilities, this app is not for attorneys.

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