One of the court reporters that I use introduced me to a great desktop/browser based file sharing program, YouSendIt. This program has been around for awhile, and I’ve only recently started using it more to transfer big files that you can’t email, or don’t want to pass along on a USB drive.

The pricing features are great. The free account lets you store 2 GB worth of files, and transfer files up to 50 MB. The free account has always worked for me, since I rarely transfer a single file over 50 MB. If I did, I’d use a USB drive.

The great thing too is that YouSendIt has a mobile Android app, which they recently updated. The mobile app allows you to modify files on your Android device, then send the file to the cloud for transfer to another person. I’m also interested in testing the e-signature feature.

I think lawyers will love using this app for their business files. One feature I love is that the program will tell you when the receiver picked up the file.

Of course, if you’re using Dropbox, you can always share the file or folder and eliminate some of these issues with sending files all together.

Update (01/08/12): Here’s a correction and update I received from William McCormick, a YouSendIt representative:

With YouSendIt, you can indeed share folders and of course files just like Dropbox does, but even simpler.

So, there you have it.

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